NC TEA Party Candidate Endorsements

September 22nd, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 7 Responses

We have received numerous inquiries as to who we support for races in North Carolina. This is a very easy answer. We support candidates who are committed to:

limiting the role of government in our lives
lowering taxes in the state
eliminating wasteful spending in the budgets
encouraging free market solutions
encouraging individual responsibility

Who are these candidates? We have asked you, our readers, to endorse your candidates. We are encouraging individual responsibility for who you vote for. To find out your districts, go to the State Board of Elections, enter your information, and when you see your initial information, you’ll see a link that says “My Districts”, from there, google “NC _____” for whatever district you are seeking. Alternatively, look on the state GOP website, the state Libertarian party website, even the Democrat party website, as a jumping off point.

North Carolina Conservatives NEED to become engaged in this year’s election. Do not stop at finding out who is running to be a positive, conservative force in our state for us— GET IN TOUCH with that person, and ASK how you can HELP them achieve their goal. While voting is essential, the overall conservative atmosphere in this state needs to become stronger. With the momentum the conservative winds are supposed to have across the country, state candidates (especially) should have an abundant volunteer staff, and they do not. If you do not have a state candidate race in the district you are running in, find the next closest to you, and ask THEM how you can help. Believe me, there’s always something that can be done, even if you do not live in their district!

How you can help:

  1. Make phone calls- at campaign headquarters or at home. You are not on your own in this, training is provided!
  2. Walk with the campaigns. Most candidates are out walking their districts 5 days a week, nights during the week and during the day on Saturdays.
  3. Commit to raising money. Some candidates are using an online system where you have your own campaign account, and you can raise money online and track to see how much you are raising. (Cool, right? Gotta love technology)
  4. Help put out yard signs- this is SO important! Name recognition is the #1 challenge for new candidates.
  5. Commit to doing, or organize an intersection sign waving event in October.
  6. Some TEA Party groups are setting up booths at the local fairs- volunteer to work to recruit other volunteers. Encourage these new people to join a campaign and make a difference.
  7. Host a fundraiser. Open your home to a group of people you know, invite them to come hear your candidate speak. Join efforts with other TEA party people and do a potluck picnic at a park- the more the merrier!
  8. Put your campaign in touch with whatever groups you are in to get your candidate in front of them. We have some very bright, impressive state candidates! Once people hear them speak, they should WANT to help get theme elected.
  9. Attend local high school football games- pass out flyers with information about your candidate. (This is a great idea for school board candidates, especially.)
  10. SOCIAL MEDIA. If you are involved in social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, or other sites- push your candidate! Join their pages, suggest their pages and profiles to ALL of your friends; repost information they post (use the “share” link often!); ReTweet their tweets- DAILY recommend them to your followers; digg their blog posts – get the word out! Do NOT underestimate the power of social media.

BONUS: Find out if POLLING JUDGES are needed. Some counties have more than ten judges positions open, and this is a PAID position. There are what- 100 counties in our state? If EVERY county lacked TEN judges, that is 1000 opportunities for less than honest people to jump in and skew this year’s election. Do we WANT that to happen? if you are not currently involved in November 2nd activities, this is something that is DESPERATELY needed.

Volunteer to be a poll observer on November 2nd. Counties are TRAINING people on how to observe for VOTER FRAUD. In 2008, poll observers included ACORN. Are TEA Party Patriots of North Carolina going to ALLOW that in 2010?

Stand at your poll in November  2nd and hand out conservative literature. Remember, school board and judges are non partisan now. Even if a person pulls the lever for a straight ticket- they are not casting a vote for school board and judges. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW who to vote for on election day, unfortunately, a great number of people will show up and not know who to vote for. This is where YOU can help.

Now, go find your candidates, and tell the world who the TEA Party Patriots in THIS state endorse!

  1. Rick Rtrujillo says:

    I am home for a short period of time, and intend to take advantage of the “one-stop-absentee-voting”; I am fully committed to the concept of the Tea Party, and was expecting to see myself as one of the silent majority masses coming to add the fray. Fizzle, fizzle!
    There is nothing to see here, it looks to me that it is “wimp politico” as usual. No one wants to commit to his or her ideals, and have the fortitude to stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences. If our ancestors were worried about being dragged through the mud, we would never have a country.
    Tea Party members “stand and deliver’. We want to know who you are, and we want to vote for you.

  2. After thinking this though I will say this about what I understand about the “tea parties”. The tea parties are hundreds maybe thousands of grassroot Americans concerned about their country that have come together in different groups throughout the country. I think the one we hear the most about is “The Tea Party Express” out of California, they are one of the few that openly endorse candidates across the country. Now for the most part “tea party” groups do not endorse candidates, they believe that the individual should research each candidate to see if they meet the main principles of the movement which is listed above. So this may be what leads everyone to think that all tea parties endorse candidates. I know what has been helpful to me is to go to every avenue possible to get the best possible read on each candidate and what they stand for in order for TJ and I to make the best decision possible to find conservative candidates to vote for. You can go to for example if you are a constutional person and they can give you in a snapshot on how the incumbants have voted or which candidates are strong for example on second amendment rights and so forth. It is a quick glance at different issues and this saves a great deal of time. I belong to a 912 group also and we will never endorse. I respect them for not endorsing and after talking to Wendy I understand their position better and I hope they respect my opinions as well.

    Get out and VOTE! Your country is depending on YOU.

  3. Charlotte Judge Races says:

    As far as those endorsed by the highly conservative radio station in Charlotte (WBT):
    The following Judges have been endorsed as Highly Conservative, pro capitalist, pro-Constitutional judges in their respective races:
    Barbara Jackson
    Ann Marie Calabria
    Rick Elmore
    Dean R. Poirier
    Lisa Bell
    Sean Smith
    Matt Osman

  4. Tea Party Supporter says:

    I agree with TJ & Pam Reynolds…. It is the Party’s responsiblity to endorse and support the candidates, not the individuals…. That’s how Dark Horse candidates or smaller party candidates LOSE!!!! Hello???? I came to this site specifically for the listings of endorsements by MY PARTY…. what a mistake. It is up to the Party- If you want your candidates elected, then you should make EVERY EFFORT to support those candidates.
    No wonder I couldn’t comment on the TEA PARTY of North Carolina, it doesn’t exist essentially.

    • Jason says:

      People, WE DO NOT ENDORSE CANDIDATES! We are not a PAC, we are not a party… we are the Tea Party.

      We DO NOT ENDORSE CANDIDATES. Look for those that say that have the Tea Party values and then vote for them. And we simply do not have the man power to find every candidate in all 100 counties and figure out if they are Tea Party friendly.

      We have interviewed a few candidates and they are on the website.

  5. Geoffrey says:

    Geoffrey M Hurlburt, North Carolina Senate, District 14, All of Eastern Wake County…Come out to Five County Stadium on October 16th, 2010…We can meet or call me 9198050487…I’ll tell you how my plan for NC is in allegiance with “Taxed Enough Already”..

    ..furthermore..I have pledged American’s For Prosperity- North Carolina 2010 Pledge here ).

    All Candidates who pledged is here

    Know this and know this well….certain outside Candidates of the Republican Party this Election year have been sloughed off….those Candidates specifically need the “Tea Force”.
    I believe only these outside Candidates will truly be the “Movers and Shakers” on Jones Street.
    And when they are blocked for moving towards positive changes “Names will be named” and Tea will answer back in force in 2012.

  6. Actually there should be a list of candidates who support the Tea Party not the other way around. People need a list of conservative candidates and it should recommend that they do their homework on each person before voting. As you know the national news even Fox says that certain candidates are backed by the tea party so this creates a misconception when you see a post under “tea party” saying we do not endorse. Unfornuately now that we see and hear “tea party backed” we expect to see a list. Each individual should then do their homework. Remember this is what go us into this in the first place – not sharing information and educating others with facts.