Is it unconstitutional to fly a Christian flag?

September 17th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 12 Responses

The ACLU struck again, and got it’s way … again.

KING, N.C. — A Christian flag flying at the Veterans Memorial at Central Park is being removed after a City Council vote Wednesday evening. …King City Manager John Cater said the vote happened at the urging of the city attorney after the council determined that it would cost too much to fight any potential lawsuit over the matter… The flag first came under scrutiny earlier this summer when an anonymous caller complained to Cater, saying that flying the flag was unconstitutional.” (more, plus video)

So this begs the question: do you believe  it is unconstitutional to fly a flag of faith at a Veterans Memorial? Why or why not?

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  1. Citizen says:

    Its not necessarily unconstitutional, just… out of place. The memorial should be place that transcends religion, race or creed, and instead becomes a celebratory monument of American brotherhood alone.

    Note: If you fly the christian flag, you should be happy with seeing Islamic/Judaic/HIndu/Buddhist/Atheist/etc. symbols in public.

  2. Lynn Pritchard says:

    My father, Abraham Netler, was a Jewish American WWII war veteran in the medical detachment, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division of the US Army. In March, 1945 he exposed himself to direct line of fire while redirecting troops and removing wounded soldiers to a position where he could treat many casualties during heavy gunfire. For this, he received the Bronze Star. I know my father did not care what religious beliefs or affiliations these wounded men practiced. It only mattered that he take care of the wounded to the best of his ability.

    When my father died in December, 2003 at age 88, the family received an American flag from the Army in gratitude for his service. I know that the American flag was the only flag my father wanted to receive because he believed war makes men brothers, fighting alongside each other, aiding and protecting each other as much as possible.

    Today, my father’s grave will have an American flag placed there as well as the other Jewish American soldiers burried alongside him at Hebrew Cemetary in Canton, Ohio.

    Lynn Pritchard

  3. Please keep your faith to yourself. An American flag should be placed, not a flag belonging to ANY religion.

    • eagle275 says:

      Are you a Middle Eastern Liberal? Our Constitution gives us the right. The muslims sure don’t have a problem expressing their faith. I will express it anytime I want – I earned it. Retired military and a 2 war combat vet.

  4. monica says:

    So I’m assuming none of you would have a problem with also flying flags from other religions?

  5. Robert M.Lucas says:

    Please join in King NC Oct.23 /2010 at 9:30am at the Calvary Baptist Church Main street King NC.The Church is the staging area for the rally in protest to the removal of the Christian Flag,we will march from the Church to the war memorial appox. 1 mile,buses available for those that wish to ride.It is time to stand up for God and Country.

  6. Ray Baker says:

    Flying the Christian flag does not violate the Constitution. No LAW is being inacted. No one is forcing anyone else to kneel. It is not vulgar nor offensive (except to a select few). To deny us that right is to deny free excercise of our faith. THAT is unconstitutional. It’s sad that the very thing that made America great and prosperous is the one thing that some rail against. Guess they don’t realize the source of their freedom to fuss.

  7. Mike says:

    Why would you fly a Christian flag at a veterans memorial when many of the dead veterans were not Christian? Are you trying provoke a fight in lieu of honoring them?

    • Doug Burt says:

      It is a psychological attempt to bind anything and everything American to Christianity. It is an attempt to reinforce a claim of the city, state and nation as Christian entities. It’s purpose is to share the authority of the state with the clergy by impressing at every opportunity that they are the same. Every public institution is in their sights. All that needs to be asked is “Why do you find it necessary to stake out a monument to veterans as Christian but you don’t fight and march to erect a Christian flag in front of your jail”? Are not the percentage of Christian prisoners there higher than the military? Yep…you won’t see that fight anywhere.

  8. Cathy Barclay says:

    Flying the Christian flag at the memorial is NOT unconstitutional, as it does not amount to the establishment of a religion. PERIOD.