Overview of Restoring Honor

August 30th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response
Dear Friends,
Our Trip to the Restoring Honor Rally was a success. We were challenged to
be united despite our differences in some of our deeply held beliefs as christians and
non christians. It was very positive and inspiring. The first ever three “Badges of Merit”
modelled after the original metals awarded by George Washington, and by which the current
Purple Heart was created, were awarded.
We were seated within eyeshot of the jumbotron to the left of the reflecting pool…
Several helicopters circled the area and a camera attached to a special balloon
was flown several times as well. (Hence you see the excellent photo shoots..)
Please take time to look at the photos
and listen to the various interviews because this “conversation”
on “Restoring Honor” and Martin Luther King is far from over.
In three years a 50th Year Anniversary event will be held to
honor of Dr. King and his speech. Where it will be and
who or whom will hold this event/s will be a very hot topic
and will set the tone for generations to come.
  1. Ramona Timm says:

    Last Monday night Buddy & I had 2 very good hours at the NC Tea Party
    booth at the Dixie Classic Fair. There was good attendance and people
    responded positively to our message and visual representation. I especially
    appreciated the replay of the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally playing in the
    background. The aim of NC Tea Party in joining all the Tea Party groups across
    the state to discuss issues, list events, and band together for special events
    is a great idea. I hope we all avail ourselves of this service. Benjamin Franklin’s
    words can be well taken: “If we don’t all hang together, then surely, we shall
    hang separately.”