One of Obama’s Wishes Fulfilled: A Crisis!

June 27th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

We are now in the third of the never-ending saga of “The Hole.”  The BP well refuses to be conquered by manpower or technology.  America needs help with this and no less than thirteen foreign countries offered us their technological help and experience with the leak in the Gulf.  They wanted to safeguard our shores and help stop the damage and it source.  And Obama turned all of them down.  Remember when our last President “went it alone” in terms of foreign policy and everyone, including the junior senator from Illinois could not fathom why?  Where is Obama’s spirit of international cooperation now?

I think I know where it is: It’s in the crisis that Rahm Emanuel told us was coming.  This leak is the perfect “crisis” opportunity for them to do things that they believed that they couldn’t.  The Administration can hold us hostage, claiming that they are powerless to stop this menace.  What we’ll need is a tax increase to help cover the costs of all the damage.  “But, do you know what would really help?” they will ask. Without waiting to hear from us – you know, We the People – they will have a two-prong “battle plan.”  (Don’t you love how liberals absolutely love military terminology to push their ideas, but can’t stand the military?)   First, we need more regulation, because we all know that more rules make us all just that much safer… and keep government bloated on more tax money.  But what we’ll really need is “cap-and-trade” to help us reform our need to control our energy cravings.  That will solve everything, right?

In a land where we are losing more jobs and running out of money, a new “skyrocketing” energy tax is just what we need and so is another program to gobble up tax money that we don’t have.  But that is what Obama does best: Set a goal and worry about the details later because the plan will work itself out through sheer force of will.  It will be because he has deemed it so.  Well, I hope the President will soon realize that the real world doesn’t work that way.  People have to work and money has to be made in order to fund your visions, no matter how nightmarish I and several other like-minded people find them.  Your tax money comes from taxpayers and their work.  The IRS tax fairy doesn’t just leave a package marked “U.S. Government” on the steps of the Treasury.  And no jobs equal no tax money.  But I already see your reaction: Then you just raise the existing tax rate, which will only wreak more economic havoc upon us all.

President Obama, stop with the hostage stuff.  This whole affair is making you look weak.  You called General McChrystal back to Washington from the battlefront and essentially fire him because you felt like he had insulted you.  But at least there you looked almost decisive.

And you have been busy since Day One of the current “crisis.”  You made time hear the Jonas Brothers and Paul McCartney perform.  You could meet with Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and then direct the Attorney General to sue Arizona for doing the job you won’t do on the border.  Time was made for meeting with the men’s basketball team from Duke University and even to play golf.  But, like the hostage situation from the Carter Administration, the number of days we are involved in this “crisis” keeps going up and there is no end in sight.

Going down there and looking angry and pensive for photo ops is not leadership; it’s playing politics with people’s livelihoods and with the health of the entire Gulf region.  For that matter, it’s you playing President and not being President.  And roughing up the executives at BP more than fifty days into this “crisis” is not leadership, either; it’s a pathetic attempt to shift the blame to someone else… again.  You were elected President, regardless of the thinnest resume ever presented as “qualifications”, so now it’s time to go do the job.  Otherwise, this complete failure will be your enduring legacy and you won’t be able to blame it on George W. Bush.  This ineptitude is all yours.


Thomas is currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice. He considers himself very conservative (with a Libertarian streak). Thomas admits he has always been older than his chronological age.