WS – not 18 Years Old? You cannot have spray paint!

May 21st, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 3 Responses

This is ripe! The government “thinkers” are at it again with a gut reaction to a problem that stems from years of government interference and entitlements. They want to ban the sale and possession of spray paint to anyone under 18 years of age. So if you are working on a project at home and you need a can of spray paint, you kid can no longer run to the hardware store to pick it up for you if they are under 18 years old. All because we have idiot parents that are sitting around on their duffs not minding their children. Most of this is happening in the city so you can just imagine what is going on there socially… people that never should have had kids, have them but don’t take care of them, don’t watch them, don’t love them, etc.

These kids are out on the street late at night when they should be home in bed, or studying, or even just being with their families. But these “parents” just let them run wild whenever they want. This is a product (maybe not entirely, but I would be close) of a liberal mentality. Having kids for the wrong reasons and not taking care of them when they are here, entitlement programs that breed laziness in parents which just leads to them becoming complacent and sitting on their asses drinking, smoking and watching the boob tube when they SHOULD be putting their children and their children’s needs BEFORE their own selfish wants.They should be teaching these kids how to grow up properly and how to respect other people’s property and teaching the what is right and wrong. That way the government does not have to come in and create a NANNY STATE for UTTER and COMPLETE MORONS (like these parents) thereby punishing the rest of us that put in the time, the effort and the blood sweat and tears that go into raising a competent, well-mannered, morally focused young adult!

This law will do nothing but present the kids with a DARE on how to go about getting spray paint, it will do nothing but create a hassle for those good families that are doing fun projects together on the weekends. It also robs a young man or young lady the feeling of usefulness and contribution to the family to be able to take the car and run out to help Dad.

Shame on the government, and more importantly SHAME ON YOU LAZY STINKING PARENTS. You are ruining your kids!

Watch video below:

  1. hyper-dimensional quasi-intelligent cosmic whale says:

    But anyway, it does seem a little ridiculous to ban graffiti for minors this way. So what do you do?

  2. hyper-dimensional quasi-intelligent cosmic whale says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to see Train cars covered with graffiti. I wonder what would happen if they put one wall in every city that was legal to graffiti on. Would it lie blank?

  3. Irene May says:

    Where do I start? Just another way for WS to assess fines to pay for their various and sundry entitlement programs… Is this a cover to combat the problem with kids sniffing paint fumes… Maybe citizens should tether a rottweiler or pitt-bull near their properties to discourage grafitti (oh, wait, can we still tether our dogs in Forsyth County??) Jeesh…just ridiculous, just like my house being assessed for 2x what it is really worth! I have an even better idea, let’s declare martial law, and then people won’t be able to leave their houses after dark…that would clear up the problem.