I only keep $80-$100 bucks – G.K. Butterfield

March 4th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

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Congress gets a $250 a day Per Diem expense when they travel. This “expense” is not track-able, and they are supposed to give the rest back but seldom do. Instead they pocket it or buy paintings, and gifts. This is OUR MONEY, it’s OURS but they don’t care at all. This is nothing more than stealing.

North Carolina’s own G.K. Butterfield says that he usually pocket’s the remaining money that he has left. But “It’s only $80, $90, or $100, not much at all”. We cannot believe he actually went on record saying this, what a remarkable attitude. How cocky, how dismissive. How many of you could use $80, $90 or $100? Could anyone use that to buy groceries for their family, maybe buy gas, pay your bills? That is a lot of money.

Folks, this man needs to leave Congress. We must throw him out on his bum in November. The Tea Party is changing it’s focus to more local issues and this is one we WILL NOT FORGET! Every member should call his office in disgust and let him know to start looking for a job, just let many other North Carolinians.

If there is anyone in the 1st district and wants to help us with this story please send us an email here.

  1. Jack says:

    I want to help defeat Butterfield in the Nov. election.
    Who do I need to contact ?