NC Wants to Change Public School Curriculum

February 11th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 5 Responses

Hey folks this is a couple days old but check out what NC “educators” are going to do. Read part of the story here and the link is included to read 1 op-ed on this story.

The idea has conservatives up in arms because, as it exists right now, the plan would have 11th-graders study the nation’s history from after Reconstruction Era to the present day, from 1877 forward. In other words, no founding fathers, no Monroe Doctrine, No Louisiana Purchase, no Civil War.

Currently, 11th-graders take a survey course that covers the country’s entire history.

The plan would have 7th graders take a comprehensive U.S. history course. Right now, middle-grade students study world and North Carolina history.

Public school officials say the end result would actually be more U.S. history instruction, not less. The intent, they say, isn’t to focus less on the founding fathers and the ideals that led to America’s founding, but to provide in-depth study of larger themes. Read the rest here.

  1. Public schools will not be perfect, but they are a critical component of our country for some folks

  2. I think, at least I hope, most people in the Tea Party are Christians. If you realy want to help North Carolina and the USA take your children out of public school and either home school them or put them in private Christian Schools.
    The website above will give you more than enough reasons, common sense and logic to make that bold move.

    • Cosmic D. Whale says:

      Hmmm…. while focusing and pleading for the need of the ideals of the founding fathers, you have to realise that some of the ideals included separation of church and state. I have to disagree with Christian schools, as it may create a bias against other religions. What would be ideal is if Public Schools focused more on religion, but include all religions as equal courses. Most of the founding fathers were christian and devout, and all had christian backgrounds, but a few important figures had more complex views on religion.

      While the founding ideals are important, I am assuming that one purpose of this method is to see how the constitution was amended over time, as it was intended to be(no founding fathers thought that the constitution would last as long as it did). The latter half of US history is perhaps more relevant however, as many founding fathers envisioned America in the future as a nation of yeoman farmers and could not even consider the industrial revolution. The civil war might be more important though, to provide a basis and a greater understanding of the causes of the conflicts in Reconstruction and onward. THis system would likely allow more focus on the 20th century, and allow students to actually understand what is happening now, and why it happened, so as to react properly when a country acts in a certain way due to events 20 years ago.

      Of course I always see more importance in World History, due to the increasingly shrinking world. For America to survive, we need to co-exist with other countries. We have gone way beyond the point of Isolationism. We must seek global peace.

      And on christianity: can one be called a devout christian if they are molded throughout their childhood and enrolled in intensely christian academia, or is one more a member of your religion if they observe all religions equally and choose the philosophies of christianity?

      Let us congregate together, not to drag us down into the waters like a stone, but to admit that the waters have grown. Soon we will be drenched, for the wheels are still in spin. PLease do not stand in the doorway or block up the hall, for the old road is rapidly aging, and we must accept that the times are changing.

  3. Betty Haddock says:

    I am so thankful to home school!

  4. fred benson says:

    this plan has officially been scraped due to overwhelming discord