This Friday – deadline for filing to run in NC

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If you want to run and help save our city, county, state, and country GET IN THE RACE. We need the people out there that don’t want to run but will make a strong leader. If you are out there, WE NEED YOU. If you know of one, get to them and talk to them. And then talk them into running!

From the Winston-Salem Journal article: Filing for the 2010 elections will open Monday for federal, state and county candidates — the first time that seats for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board will be contested on a nonpartisan basis.

State legislators voted last year to make the local school-board positions nonpartisan. Forsyth County was one of a handful in North Carolina and the only urban district that still elected school-board members in a partisan fashion.

Legislators last year also approved staggered terms for the school board.

That means that beginning in 2012, five board members will be up for election to four-year terms.

The re­maining four members will be up for four-year terms in 2014. Previously, all members of the board served four-year terms and were elected at the same time.

All nine school-board seats will be up for election this year. Eight incumbents already have announced their intentions to run again.

Six seats will continue to be contested in two districts, while three members will continue to be elected on an at-large basis, representing the entire county.

This election year is shaping up to be a busy one. Besides the school board, this year’s ballot includes:

The U.S. Senate seat currently held by Richard Burr, a Winston-Salem Republican. Three declared Democratic opponents to Burr, along with anyone else who files, would meet in a May 4 primary election. The Democrats who have announced plans to challenge Burr are Elaine Marshall, the N.C. secretary of state; Cal Cunningham, a lawyer who lives in Lexington and practices in Winston-Salem; and Ken Lewis, a lawyer in Chapel Hill.

Congressional seats, including the 5th and 12th districts in Northwest North Carolina. The 5th District seat is held by three-term incumbent Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Republican who has said that she will run for re-election. Her expected Democratic challenger, Billy Kennedy, a farmer and carpenter from Watauga County, is expected to formally announce his candidacy on Monday. The 12th District seat is held by Rep. Mel Watt, a Democrat who has served nine terms.

Representatives to the N.C. Senate and House; Forsyth County sheriff; three seats on the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners; Forsyth County district attorney; three District Court judges; a Superior Court judge; and the clerk of Superior Court.

The filing period will end Feb. 26.

The primary election will be May 4 and the general election Nov. 2.

Glen Beck Speaks at CPAC 2010

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VA, SC, TN are saying NO to the feds, how about NC?

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Virginia’s Democratic-controlled state Senate passed measures Monday that would make it illegal to require individuals to purchase health insurance, a direct challenge to the party’s efforts in Washington to reform health care.

South Carolina, and Tennessee are states that are considering making amendments to their constitution that would exempt them from any nationalized Health Care.

How about the loons in our State Legislature? Do you think Beverly is going to follow suit?

NC Wants to Change Public School Curriculum

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Hey folks this is a couple days old but check out what NC “educators” are going to do. Read part of the story here and the link is included to read 1 op-ed on this story.

The idea has conservatives up in arms because, as it exists right now, the plan would have 11th-graders study the nation’s history from after Reconstruction Era to the present day, from 1877 forward. In other words, no founding fathers, no Monroe Doctrine, No Louisiana Purchase, no Civil War.

Currently, 11th-graders take a survey course that covers the country’s entire history.

The plan would have 7th graders take a comprehensive U.S. history course. Right now, middle-grade students study world and North Carolina history.

Public school officials say the end result would actually be more U.S. history instruction, not less. The intent, they say, isn’t to focus less on the founding fathers and the ideals that led to America’s founding, but to provide in-depth study of larger themes. Read the rest here.

Videos Of The Wake Forest Town Hall 02/03/10

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Videos Of The Wake Forest Town Hall 02/03/10

This footage is from the Town Hall that happened last Wednesday in Wait Chapel at Wake Forest University. We will be adding more as we get it produced and uploaded.

The Town Hall was about how to get involved in local politics in our state, our cities, and our communities. We are heading into elections and we will be holding a lot of events like this to find people who may not want to run for office but possess the skills and character to correct the direction of our state.

If anyone has interest in the entire night on DVD please send us an email here. We maybe selling the DVD to people that are interested.

NC State Representative Bryan Holloway

Bill Randell

2008 Congressional Candidate BJ Lawson

Forsyth County GOP Chairman Nathan Tabor