Sarah Palin Discusses The Tea Party Money

January 12th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

Sarah Palin discusses the controversy surrounding the fact that the Tea Party offered her money to speak at the 1st National Tea Party Convention in Nashville from February 4th – 6th.

She explains that she will not be taking the money for her own personal gain and instead wants that money to go into the hands of good candidates for office to help turn this country around. Here is the video, you can decide but she has yet to lie about anything.

Watch the video to see for yourself and then check out this story here.

  1. maurice j cusson says:

    we need this tea party !!! we are about to lose our country if we already havent lost. I hope its not to late .Our schools are a mess, Our fed gov has been taken over by irresponsible ,Godless ,lying , thieves, who are not even concious of their behavior, they think its alright,they are sick . This problem is that we are all like them God help us we all need to change This movement can help us begin to make a turn around . we need to think like the American God loving Nation we once were This country right now has leaders that have no all for one and one for all concept Think AMERICAN and its people FIRST Let the other countries learn from us We need more SARAH PALINS GOD bless you Sarah and your family Maurice