Tea Party Express Endorses Scott Brown

January 9th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 3 Responses

The Tea Party Express is pleased to announce our endorsement of Republican Scott Brown for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. This will be a critical race, a Special Election that takes place on January 19th, and one that will stop the Democrats from passing through their government-run healthcare monstrosity – if we can win!

The Tea Party Express will be broadcasting television ads endorsing Scott Brown and you can support this campaign by making a donation – CONTRIBUTE HERE.

  1. Jason says:

    I believe the only reason they are endorsing him is to defeat this terrible health care bill. Thanks for the information, very interesting.

  2. Bon Jovi says:

    Why is the Tea Party Express endorsing Scott Brown
    and the BC Tea Party giving web time to Nrown?
    He’s a NEOCON RINO liberal Republican that’s
    backed by the old inner circle.

    I don’t know about you but Independent Joe Kennedy
    should be the endorsed person for US Senate in Mass.
    Even the Boston Tea Party Chapter endorses Joe Kennedy.
    Where the coverage for Kennedy here?

    Here’s how they ALL stand on all the important
    issues in the Senate race in Mass:

    where they stand on the issues……

    Abolish the MA Income Tax
    Yes- kennedy
    No- brown
    No- coakley

    Support RomneyCare
    No- kennedy
    Yes- brown
    Yes- coakley

    Federal Income Tax
    End It- kennedy
    Status Quo- brown
    Status Quo or higher taxes- coakley

    MA Sales Tax rollback to 3%
    Yes- kennedy
    No- brown
    No- coackley

    Support Prop 2.5 Override
    No- kennedy
    Yes- brown
    Unknown- coakley

    Illegal Immigration
    Make it harder to collect social services, but make contributing to society easier.–kennedy
    Stronger border enforcement, opposes amnesty.—brown
    Unclear, but stresses equality for all regardless of race or origin.– coakley

    Health Care
    Wants to make private insurance cheaper, supports HSAs, repealing federal regulation and replace government agencies with free-market alternatives.—kennedy
    Believes every American deserves health coverage.— brown
    Believes every American deserves health coverage.— coakley

    Social Security
    Make voluntary, protect existing retirees through shared sacrifice. —kennedy
    No position.—brown
    Protect and maintain Social Security—cockley

    Dismantle the Department of Education, return education to state level.—kennedy
    Passionate about improving public schools. —brown
    Deeply committed to public schools—coakley

    End the welfare state by encouraging job growth through sound lending—kennedy
    No position—brown
    No position—cockley

    Same-sex marriage
    Not the business of government.—kennedy
    Only between a man and a woman, should be left to states—brown
    Supports equal marriage.—cockley

    Force government to clean up it’s own pollution—kennedy
    Supports reasonable federal policies on green technology.—brown
    Supports Cap and Trade—cockley

  3. Jason says:

    We have to get this man in, Mass is actually trying to stall certification if Brown wins.