Lessons learned in Massachusetts…

January 20th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

Lessons learned in Massachusetts…

Congrats to all of you!  This is a victory for everyone who attended a Tea Party, who marched on DC, who worked on a campaign, who supported their candidate financially, who called their representatives speaking out against Cap and Trade and so-called Health Care Reform.   This one is for YOU!

Soon the shock waves of the Scott Brown victory will dissipate in Massachusetts, Washington DC and the rest of the country.  But some very valuable lessons were learned over the past few weeks and we must take note.

Grassroots movements can have a real impact.  Tea Party members came together to make a difference in this election.  Several of you emailed that you contributed to Scott Brown’s campaign.   Others told me they volunteered to make phone calls to registered voters in Massachusetts.  A few of you even told me you were considering driving up to MA to canvass neighborhoods and drive voters to the polls.  This is the level of commitment that is required to win elections and transform our government.

We have a very important election coming up in 2010. We have to apply this model in every state and every community- including our own- in the upcoming election cycle.  We need quality candidates from our ranks- and not just for national offices.  Local and state governments matter because ALL politics is local.  Consider running.  If you cannot run, find a qualified candidate and support them financially and by volunteering.

  1. TerryCSA says:

    Are you happy electing a RINO?

    Scott Brown – young, vibrant, a “new” Republican.

    New Republican same as the old Republican. McLame. Grahamnesty, Snow, Collins.

    Why are we celebrating this “victory”? Another moderate elected to office that wants to work WITH the Democrats. I thought the American people wanted true conservatives that really believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

    I know it added to the momentum of the movement, but,
    if we keep doing what we have been doing all along we will get exactly what we don’t want. No change. No freedom.

    But if you want to reclaim our country then act now. The Charter of the Republican Party expands on the original Charter of 1856. It lays out the tenets with which those that wish to carry the (R) behind their name should agree with and uphold. It reinforces their oath to the Constitution and makes it clear what is expected of them.

    If you want real change get this Charter into the hands of every candidate and elected official that carries that (R). Let them know in black and white just exactly what is expected of them in exchange for your vote and your support.

    Put it in their hands, their mail box, their email. Demand a response. Let’s see just how many are willing to truly represent the will of the people. See just how many will agree with the Charter.

    Will your elected officials in Washington agree with it and walk the talk? Mine did and does.

    It is simple. Just send them the link and tell them you want to know their position. It can’t be any easier.

    The Charter of the Republican Party.