Divine Intervention?

January 26th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

Obama comes into office and Ted Kennedy sees his Government Run Health Care dream finally possible. Al Franken, embarrassingly,  gets sworn in the Senate to give it a super majority. So they begin, with a tingling feeling in their loins, to put together all the goodies that they call Health Care Reform. Reform that has no hope of reforming Health Care, there is nothing about insurance crossing state lines, about tort reform, etc. It was just a way for these stinkers to try and take more control of our lives. And with the help of their little minions Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid they pushed it though, made back room deals, defied decency and possibly the Constitution to get the bill passed through both houses.

Then Ted Kennedy dies on August 25, 2009 and leaves his Senate seat open, luckily Massachusetts is corrupt enough and they bent a few rules to get a temporary Senator in there to help with the forcing of the Health Care Reform bill.

As public pressure mounts, Tea Party demonstrations increase, polls plummet, constituents overwhelming calls to congress, these nasty little people pushed forward anyway ignoring the will of the people they work for. They thumbed their noses at us and gave us the finger. After all what do we know? We are just the public, the little people. It looked like Health Care was going to be a gigantic change in our American way, with a very few ruling almost every part of the majorities lives. From cradle to grave.

But then the most unlikely thing happens, Scott Brown comes out of nowhere to challenge Martha Coakley for the Senate seat that Ted Kennedy held for decades. They believe this seat is sewn up and therefor they do very little to secure the seat, while Scott Brown quietly overtakes poll after poll. His platform was that of he will be the 41st vote against Health Care Reform, in short he will stop is cold in it’s tracks. Once the Democrats, or in this case Liberals, know what is going on it is too late. The people of Massachusetts finally give Washington DC the finger by electing Scott Brown and sending the message that they do not want government Health Care.

Looking back at the chain of events in retrospect and I have to believe there was something or someone at work that is beyond our grasp. This Health Care bill was a runaway train with little to stop it, short of a revolt on the city of DC (which may still have to be done in the future), the people spoke, wrote, emailed, yelled at their representatives and senators and still they were pushing forward. Then out of left field comes this diversion, I think that god just might not like what he sees happening in the USA and threw a wrench into the plans of those that want to be the ruling elite. Now I am not a holy roller but how else can you explain this? Sure anything can be proven or justified, but these events falling in this order is unlikely, to say the least. Therefore I believe we might have just witnesses Divine Intervention, after all for the majority of us the quote “In God We Trust” still is the basis for our beliefs, morals, and ideals and god does not leave behind those that believe in him.

Your thoughts?

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