2010 Time for Change In North Carolina

January 17th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

2010 is our first chance to respond here in North Carolina to the leftist takeover of our Federal and State Government. While many of our voices continue to be heard at rallies, on blogs and in supermarket lines, they also need to be heard in the ballot box. Make your voice heard! Work for conservative candidates, educate yourself and inform you friends and, most importantly, vote!

This is the year to start the rollback of our tax and spend state government.
NC General Assembly 2010. The democrat tax and spenders are no longer a sure bet given their destructive policies that are bankrupting our state and forcing us to rely on federal funds to stay afloat.

In the State Senate the tax and spenders (democrats) enjoy a 10 seat margin in the Senate (30/20) and a 16 seat majority in the House (68/52).

NC House
The House is an uphill battle. The reality is that democrats cannot expect to have as comfortable margins in 2010 as they did in 2008 because BO will not be at the top of the ticket. With that not so insignificant fact considered, the House is potentially flippable. We will be discussing this in further posts.

NC Senate
Focusing on the Senate, these seats are well within our reach. If each of the 5 most competitive races in the senate were flipped, this chamber is in play. This is where Tea Party members in our area can make a real difference.

Fellow Tea Party Members You Are Needed
We have Tea Party members in some of the affected counties (Davidson, Alamance, Caswell, Alexander, Catawba). We need to get the word out-particularly in these areas-so talk to your friends and relatives and educate them about their local government. Remember that in the end ALL politics are local.