US Government – No Experience Necessary

December 8th, 2009 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

The majority of our elected officials have little or no experience working in the private sector, and a sickening amount of those have never run their own business, but they are running the country? Worse yet, a lot of these people feel they know better on how to create jobs. Approximately 6% of our elected officials have ever run their own business so how would they know the first thing about running the USA? Our own Labor Secretary has never even run a company, nor has the majority of her “experience” come from the private sector. All these people know how to do is work in academia and government. It is no wonder we are in the mess that we find ourselves, our leaders are private sector freshman learning on the job but without a ramifications if they screw up. Listen to this clip:

Her husband had tax problems as well, it is old news but is worth repeating:

WASHINGTON — The confirmation of another Cabinet member stalled Thursday because of unpaid taxes after USA TODAY disclosed that the husband of Labor secretary nominee Hilda Solis paid about $6,400 this week to settle numerous tax liens against his business dating to 1993.

Solis and her husband, Sam Sayyad, were unaware of liens against his auto repair shop until USA TODAY asked about them Tuesday, White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said Thursday. Vietor said Sayyad went to the Los Angeles County tax office and paid what he was told he owed — about $6,400 — to settle outstanding liens.

This administration is FULL is cheats, crooks, communists and power hungry little people. And we pay them to do all they are doing to us with our money while we sit back and complain. You know this already folks but I will remind you, without us working and paying taxes these people would literally crumble before our very eyes. We have to start using the ultimate power we have over them, our money, to stop them dead in their tracks. Without us paying our taxes this government would fail, and quickly… think about this.