And then there is Blanche Lincoln…

November 21st, 2009 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 2 Responses

ba ba ba Bye ba ba ba Blanche… with a 27% approval rating in a Red State this vote has most likely sealed her fate. She could have been a leader but decided to bow down. Her she is spewing forth.

Blanche Lincoln Part 1

Blanche Lincoln Part 2

  1. Jason says:

    They won’t ever realize that by themselves, this is why every single person in this country MUST do more than sit, watch and gripe. I know it is not convenient and can be a negative activity at times. And I am not certain how to say this differently than it has been said before but we are at the edge of the Abyss and there is immense pressure to push us over that edge. However there are so many more of us than there is of them and we must use that strength. Give to the Tea Party, any of them. Actually get out of your comfort zone and talk to your friends and neighbors…get them to think. And help good candidates. Can’t find a candidate then put yourself in the race.

  2. When will washington realize that people don’t want these folks to become involved with healthcare. Practically every single federal program is mostly a fiscal wreck, and tax payers usually are kept holding the bag. If they are not able to get the job done that they have been elected to perform, they’re going to discover in November that people in america are fed up with most of the failures and definately will replace them all.